Graphic design

Highly experienced, flexible and reliable, our team of designers will make sure that you receive the best advice and a product you are proud of. Whether you need a book, a series, or holiday cover to progress an in-house project we have tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Book design and layout

Adaptive, flexible and reliable, our team of designers will deliver on time, making sure that you receive the best care, advice and product from start to finish. With over 20 years experience in this area we must be doing something right.


From a full-colour technical artwork to small incidental cartoons and maps, our illustrators are always on hand to tailor a solution to fit your budget. The artworks we create cover a wide range of styles and can be applied to almost any subject matter.

Digital media

With significant experience in providing digital services through interactive ebooks, straight eBook production and software development for our clients. We can provide files in all the industry standard formats: ePUB, MOBI, PDF and .Folio, as well as the creation of standalone apps for iPhone/Android smartphones and iPADs or other tablet devices.


Animation is a great way to bring a project alive and simply explain more complex ideas. Our animators are also illustrators allowing us to create stunning animations. Our teams have a wide range of experience over a number of platforms including Animate, Flash, Adobe Edge and HTML5.


We can develop CD-ROMs, mobile apps and have a large catalogue of pre-coded HTML5 interactive activity templates and games which can be re-skinned and populated at cost-effective prices. We also create bespoke software and have a range of our own educational software which can be re-branded to your brand.


Our management team and staff have decades of experience delivering outstanding educational material in both print and digital formats either as suppliers or as employees for many well-known publishers and organisations. Book a consultation with us today to find out how our experience can bring your latest ideas to life with innovation and understanding of market needs.


Global Blended Learning, has a wealth of expertise, producing educational products that work. From printed books, apps and ebooks, to digital courses we have been privileged to work for many leading companies.

With teams in the UK, Serbia, India and Argentina we are strategically aligned to be able to offer a truly global cultural understanding as well as competitive pricing. Each team has unique skill sets and by working together we are able to offer creativity, quality and exceptional turn around times. The technical and design teams at Global Blended Learning have their fingers on the pulse and are always fully up to date with the latest technology. Our research and development techniques test new technologies to ensure that the solutions we recommend are not just innovative, but are reliable and effective in their intended marketplace.

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Quick 10 step guide to commissioning illustration

  1. Include the type of illustration, font details, line weight, colour and shading preferences. It sounds obvious but it is the simplest details that can often get forgotten!

  2. Assume the illustrator has little or no knowledge of the subject you are writing about. Although our illustrators at Global Blended Learning have a wealth of experience, it is not possible (even for us) to be expert in every area. By adopting this attitude when creating briefs the author can avoid many pitfalls; it is much better if the illustrator spends their time creating the artwork rather than twiddling their thumbs whilst the PM queries the author, trying to clarify the instructions.

  3. Don’t assume the illustrator will have the manuscript in front of them when they create the artwork. Although at Global Blended Learning we have an integrated workflow system allowing files to be available to various departments, when artwork is separated from the manuscript or is to be produced before the completion of the manuscript, the context in which the artwork is to appear is lost. Therefore all relevant information should be present on the artwork brief.

  4. Include appropriate references and style guides, including level of detail and view required. Most illustrators would say that visual references are preferable to written instructions. The internet is a fantastic resource for quickly finding an image for the illustrator to use as a reference that can then be included on the brief. Alternatively, a weblink can be provided. Be aware that weblinks can be broken; a copy of the actual reference image is usually the best option. If you are unsure of what style you need, Global Blended Learning are always happy to provide examples to help you establish a style.

  5. Make sure it’s legible! An author may be able to read his or her own handwriting, but (like a Dr’s) can anyone else? An Excel spreadsheet or WordDoc is an excellent alternative and image references can be added in to one document.

  6. The final size and orientation – landscape or portrait. Remember sizing instructions. A highly complex diagram of the inner workings of the heart will be next to useless if the only place available on the page to position it is in the gutter!
  7. Consider the future uses of your illustrations. At Global Blended Learning we always layer our files so that your illustrations can be used in digital books.  However, it is worth spending a little time considering if an illustration will work well animated in the future. If you are unsure our animation team can give you advice.

  8. The deadline by which the illustration is required. Once again, it sounds obvious but it is the simplest details that can often get forgotten!

  9. A little time and attention spent at the start really pays off. Ensuring these simple rules are followed can make the difference between a fraught and frustrating process and a smooth and successful one. Hopefully, at Global Blended Learning, we can make the commissioning and production of illustrations a happy experience for everyone concerned.

  10. We’re always more than happy to talk through any questions or to give advice before briefs are submitted.